T3Motion GT3

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Re: T3Motion GT3

Post by bzhwindtalker » Dec 30 2010 7:17am

awesome rear wheel :P
I don't see where they locate their batts?

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sk8norcal   100 MW

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Re: T3Motion GT3

Post by sk8norcal » Dec 30 2010 2:11pm

looks like right behind the seats.

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Re: T3Motion GT3

Post by Hillhater » Jan 16 2011 6:01pm

Strange choice of rear tyres ??
Why the "profiled" bike tyres. ?
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ryan_lirui   10 mW

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Re: T3Motion GT3

Post by ryan_lirui » Feb 01 2011 7:23am

Could it be because the front two wheels are the powered & steering wheels so they need to have the greatest footprint, while the back ones are just there along for the ride? I'd imagine having bike tyres like that on the back would produce less rolling resistance than your standard car tyres.

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