electric smart to release in canada for just over 20k!!

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electric smart to release in canada for just over 20k!!

Post by steveo » Mar 14 2013 11:34am

should i get one

what are your thoughts on it?

i really want a 4 seater.. i'm already at 2 seat with my honda insight which i'm ok with... buts its only about 20k!!!1

not bad for a cheap electric!!!

http://www.thesmart.ca/products-electri ... e4aba5dec4

quoted from smart car website

"Ideal for everyday use, safe and great fun to drive – the smart fortwo electric drive sets standards on the streets of cities around the world. But what does that really mean? What performance can you expect? Where can you charge the vehicle? You'll find the answers to these and more questions here.
How much will the smart fortwo electric drive cost?Sustainable and innovative technologies only really make sense when they don't make too big a hole in your wallet. This is why we are offering the smart fortwo electric drive at affordable prices. The smart fortwo electric drive coupe will start at $26,990 and the cabriolet will start from $29,990 before provincial rebates for electric vehicles. When can I get a smart fortwo electric drive?In the spring of 2013, the smart fortwo electric drive will be available in more than 30 countries.

How fast can I drive?The maximum speed has been increased to 125 km/h. Perfect for driving in urban areas.

What's the acceleration like? The smart fortwo electric drive accelerates from 0 - 60 km/h in just 4.8 seconds.

How far can I travel on a battery charge?A range of 138 km can be achieved. As most people do not drive more than 40 km per day this is absolutely sufficient.

Where can I charge my smart fortwo electric drive?The battery can be charged in a standard wall outlet (110 volts) and a special 220 volt charging station, which can be installed in homes.

In addition, there will be public charging stations. smart is cooperating with various partners to set up and extend the infrastructure for electric cars in various countries with the long-term aim of creating a network of electricity charging stations to enable you to recharge your car even if you don't have your own garage or parking space.

How long does it take to charge the battery?It takes around 3.5 hours to charge the battery from 20% to 80% using a 220 volt charging station. If the battery is empty the charging process takes approximately 8 hours.

Are there special workshops for electric vehicles?Every smart Center selling the smart fortwo electric drive will be able to perform service and repairs.

What electric vehicle rebates are available in my province? Currently there is no federal rebate in place to support consumers who choose to purchase fully electric vehicles. However, the smart fortwo qualifies for the following provincial rebates:

Ontario: $8,500 for a total MSRP of $18,490
Quebec: $8,000 for a total MSRP of $18,990
British Columbia: $5,000 for a total MSRP of $21,990

Fleet customers may have different incentives available to them. Please be sure to check with your provincial governments regarding the restrictions of these incentives as certain lease durations or other qualifications may be applicable. "

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Re: electric smart to release in canada for just over 20k!!

Post by Hillhater » Mar 14 2013 4:36pm

If it suits your usage profile and your budget.. why wouldn't you buy one ?
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Re: electric smart to release in canada for just over 20k!!

Post by Punx0r » Mar 15 2013 7:00am

I think this is a good step. A little car with modest capabilities, but at a price affordable to the average person.

It's in line with the original ICE-powered smart cars. They weren't intended for long distance travel, but weren't restricted to urban areas by dire performance like a lot of little EV's. Small engine, highly compact, park anywhere, highly efficient, cheap to run, 600cc and limited to 85mph to stop it falling over in a crosswind :D

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Re: electric smart to release in canada for just over 20k!!

Post by The fingers » Mar 15 2013 9:16am

I've hurt myself just by getting in and out of small cars. If I was young again and without a family, it would be perfect! :mrgreen:
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Re: electric smart to release in canada for just over 20k!!

Post by davec » Mar 15 2013 9:19am

very cool
i wonder about the battery- winter would it effect its performance

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Re: electric smart to release in canada for just over 20k!!

Post by Smart Electric » May 12 2013 4:10pm

Just bought a new 2013 Smart ED from Midtown Smart / Mercedes in Toronto.
Had a great experience.

Total with taxes included and Ontario rebate applied was $23,000.
Upgrades include the clear roof and Brabus silver rims.

Test drove the Smart Electric Car from this dealer and was blown away by the brisk acceleration and nimble handling.
Highly recommend test driving the Electric version of the Smart Car, it is amazing!

ETA for Delivery of the vehicle is November, which gives me time to sell my old Ford.
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Re: electric smart to release in canada for just over 20k!!

Post by LSBW » May 12 2013 4:19pm

Electric cars in Ontario get special GV***** license plates with green lettering.
Cars with these license plates have free parking in Toronto and can go to HOV lanes with 1 person.
Enjoy :)

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Re: electric smart to release in canada for just over 20k!!

Post by LockH » May 11 2018 9:56pm

SO glad to have lived to see the death of the 20th-Century horseless carriage ("car", etc...)

Thousands of Smart cars recalled in Canada over fire risk
("Mercedes-Benz points to insulation mat in engine compartment of 2008-09 vehicles"):
http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/sm ... -1.4657669

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