Tesla facing competition from Chinese clones

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Re: Tesla facing competition from Chinese clones

Post by spinningmagnets » May 02 2016 8:19pm

The average new BMW is slower than a 1960's MGB with a turbo V6 engine swap, but...that's not why millions buy a new BMW, yes? IMHO, Tesla will do just fine.

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Re: Tesla facing competition from Chinese clones

Post by Hillhater » May 11 2016 11:00pm

The Chinese seem to be following through with their plans.....
A few weeks ago, startup carmaker Faraday Future (FF) broke ground on a US$1 billion manufacturing facility in North Las Vegas, Nevada. It will be the first plant for the California-based, Chinese backed company that started in 2014 with a view on developing a range of connected electric vehicles. With robot greeters and a long-term goal of being powered completely by renewable energy, the plant is set to be as innovative as the cars that will come out of it.
http://www.gizmag.com/faraday-future-no ... ult-widget
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Re: Tesla facing competition from Chinese clones

Post by cell_man » Sep 14 2016 4:07am

Trust me, brand means a lot in China. It counts for far more than in most parts of the World. I expect the model 3 will be very popular in China, especially if it gets localised. Then it will receive the same generous incentives and reduced taxes, that domestic EVs receive.

On the whole, Chinese people buy Chinese cars, for 1 reason only, they can't afford a foreign brand. You wouldn't catch too many in the bigger cities, driving around in a blatant knock off, of a popular VW, Audi, BMW etc.

I am also suggesting, that Tesla will do just fine, in both China, and the rest of the World.
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