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Make Own Custom Pouch 12v 100 Ah battery (need help)

Posted: Aug 18 2016 5:02am
by juzamthai

I have a project to design (for my own usage) 12v 100 Ah battery.

I choose LiFePO4 or prismatic Pouch cells (Flat ones)

The target is 100 Ah : So I will use 4 x (20 Ah cells) to make (12v 20 Ah cells).

Then I need 5 of these pack, to make a (12v 100 Ah Battery).

I will need 5 x 12v 4s BMS
And 1 x 12v BMS (that can handle from 5 minumum to 10 x 12v cells.

Also, If I need bigger plant, like 500 Ah
I will have to get another BMS to balance all 5 x (12v 100 Ah) batterie.

Can someone point me to a good BMS supplier, where I can find all these ?

Is my knowledge about all this correct ?

How will I be able to check single cells, see if it working properly ?

Hope you can help me.

All this is very interesting.

Also what do you know about aluminium Battery cells ?

Should last longer on Paper, but anyone has return about it ?

Thank you.

Re: Make Own Custom Pouch 12v 100 Ah battery (need help)

Posted: Aug 29 2016 3:43am
by marcexec
Welcome to the forum!

You don't have to build 5 times a 4 series(s) pack.
You can parallel(p) 5 cells to have the equivalent of one 100Ah cell. Test the cells individually and balance charge them before you do this!
Then you can use 4 of these to get to 4s5p, an only need a 4s LiFePo4 BMS.

I have used 4s LiFePo4 as a motorcycle battery without a BMS see ... 14&t=25846, but wouldn't recomment this for the investment you have planned here.