DHL Angers Volkswagen

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DHL Angers Volkswagen

Post by LockH » Oct 11 2016 8:59pm

Builds Its Own Electric Delivery Van ... ivery-van/
Deutsche Post, known internationally as DHL, is one of the largest delivery companies in the world. Starting a year or so ago, it began thinking about using zero emissions electric vehicles to complete the delivery process, particularly in congested urban environments. It came up with three designs it thought would ideal for its needs — an electric van, a electric trike, and an electric bicycle. Then it went looking for companies to produce them and came up empty. Nobody has the slightest interest in a production run of a few thousand vehicles. It would take years and cost billions, the experts said.
So Deutsche Post did it themselves.

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Re: DHL Angers Volkswagen

Post by liveforphysics » Oct 11 2016 10:07pm

Thats so fantastic to hear! Way to go DHL!
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Re: DHL Angers Volkswagen

Post by Ykick » Oct 11 2016 10:51pm

Definitely a good read.

“Electric vehicles are far simpler to design than conventional vehicles with internal combustion engines. They require only one tenth as many people to assemble them, which lowers production costs dramatically.”

“It did not cost billions to develop and produce. You will not believe how cheap it is to make.”

They make a pretty good point. If someone like myself can assemble and maintain my little EV's for 10,000's of miles over nearly 10 years, I'm sure DHL can do a helluva job!
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