Scottish Government funded scheme ending!

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Scottish Government funded scheme ending!

Post by LockH » Oct 20 2016 4:43pm

DRIVERS have been urged to take advantage of zero-interest loans to purchase an electric car before the Scottish Government funded scheme ends.

More than half the £7.8 million pot allocated to the Local Carbon Transport Fund this year has already been claimed. It offers interest-free loans of up to £35,000 to help motorists buy an electric car as part of the Scottish Government's green energy push.

Applications will remain open until March 31 2017, or until all the funding has been allocated.
Seen here: ... _to___35k/
Between 2014 and 2015, sales of pure electric vehicles is Scotland shoot up by 54 per cent from 833 to 1283.

Sales have remained strong in 2016, with 900 new electric cars registered in Scotland by the end of September this year.

In addition to interest-free loans, the existing UK Government Plug-In Car scheme offers grants of up to £4,500 off the cost of a new electric car.
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