Dutch electric trains to run on renewables

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Dutch electric trains to run on renewables

Post by LockH » Oct 30 2016 4:52pm

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"All Dutch electric trains to run on renewable energy":
http://www.railjournal.com/index.php/eu ... nergy.html
EXACTLY a year after the COP21 climate conference in Paris, Netherlands Railways (NS) has announced that all electric trains on the Dutch network will operate exclusively using power from renewable sources with effect from January 1 2017, a year earlier than originally envisaged.

The move affects both passenger and freight operators as the entire Dutch railway sector purchases traction energy collectively. Based on a 10 year contract, the sector is purchasing 1.4 terawatts per year, of which 1.2 terawatts is used for traction.
... and:
In a cooperation with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, the Dutch employer’s federation (VNO-NCW) and the association Nature & Environment NS has started working with 15 large companies, which employ some 200,000 people, on project to foster sustainable mobility.

The main goal is to encourage a modal shift from cars to bikes, public transport and electric transport, incentivising changes in commuting behaviour through more favourable secondary labour conditions, such as the reimbursement of travel costs, parking policy, and housing.
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Re: Dutch electric trains to run on renewables

Post by cycleops612 » Nov 23 2016 9:50am

All trains run on rails that must be renewed.

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