Forklift DC hydro-pump motor viability for EV application?

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Forklift DC hydro-pump motor viability for EV application?

Post by k2nguru » Nov 15 2016 7:20am

Has anybody used Forklift DC hydraulic pump motor for EV application?

The one in mind is that particular motor from 'Advanced DC Motors': ... 1-4003.htm


It has the following markings:
12 - 24 Volt Dc; RATING - AU2500 4,5KW 20%
Class H

I would be greatful for any feedback. I have the opportunity to buy 2 of these for 500€ (only motors). Should I do it?
What kind of controller would i need to run 1 or 2 of those on a conversion project on Fiat 126?


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Re: Forklift DC hydro-pump motor viability for EV applicatio

Post by Punx0r » Nov 16 2016 4:07am

Forklift motors have been used for EV conversion since Methuselah was a lad, but they're not ideal and it depends what you want to do with it. The length alone precludes putting it on a bicycle. They're also heavier and less efficient than modern AC or BLDC motors. On the plus side they're simple, rugged and take short-term over-loading fairly well (till the brushes turn to plasma). Also bear in mind the power rating is based on a 20% duty cycle, whereas most motors are rated for continuous duty.

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Re: Forklift DC hydro-pump motor viability for EV applicatio

Post by cycleops612 » Nov 22 2016 12:05pm

I can only assume, OP, that the attraction is ~4.5kw.

intuitively, u r far more likely to get cutting edge and cheap in mass market ev products, than those for a smaller market and very different app (pump vs transport).

NB the comment here on continuous vs 20% duty cycle ratings, it would seem very doable 3kw+ dd hub motors would be a better hunting ground for you.

the chinese are keen on escooters like very heavy lambrettaS with lead batteries. There is a mass market for strong motors to explore.

plenty of cheap 5kw here, unit buys too: ... 53325.html

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