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adding concentrated acid to battery

Posted: Nov 24 2016 8:19pm
by bartboeckmann

I have a forklift I bought from the General Mills factory in northern ohio.

I have made the mistake of filling up cells before charging several times.

I am using a hydrometer with numbers not floating pellets.

It appears now that so much acid is gone from adding distilled water over time that adding the diluted acid from the auto parts store will never get me there.

I assuming that I either need to get out all the water in each cell then add the auto parts store acid or is it possible to add the full concentrated acid?

I am aware of the dangers of the concentrated acid, full face mask, rubber apron, respirator, safety problem.

However does adding the full concentrate acid even work???

Does draining each cell and refilling destroy it?

48v crown forklift.

Charger set to slowest rate.

Charger also came from general mills.

Re: adding concentrated acid to battery

Posted: Nov 25 2016 12:17am
by DAND214
When I worked a dealer, we had many batteries that were dead. We would empty them and fill with acid, not concentrated just the normal stuff. Charged them and they were fine. I know killing a lead acid is not a good thing but after refilling they were fine and tested and lasted. I don't remember replacing any later in the year.