5 Electric Vehicles That Were Total Flops

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5 Electric Vehicles That Were Total Flops

Post by LockH » Jan 08 2017 9:36am

(They say:)
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5 Electric Vehicles That Were Total Flops:
http://www.cheatsheet.com/automobiles/e ... flops.html

The first generation of electric vehicles is tough to analyze. After all, some automakers did not give these products their best shot, choosing instead to meet basic zero-emissions requirements so they could sell more gas guzzlers. As a result, we got cars with so little power and range that most people never considered them. Hence the early reputation of EVs as boring and slow, which Elon Musk set out to change with Tesla. (It’s safe to say he succeeded.)

Nonetheless, the U.S. market is still dealing with the aftereffects of this first wave of electric cars. Whether or not they were made as compliance cars to satisfy regulators, some of these EVs were legitimate failures from every aspect of the equation — sales, performance, and impact on their respective brands. Here are five models that were total flops.
Watt sorta ignores the fact that electric vehicle designs (like ALL motorized vehicles) have been "flopping" for over a century:
https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewt ... =12&t=8099

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