Fiat 500e Frenzy

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Re: Fiat 500e Frenzy

Post by The fingers » Jun 30 2017 1:41am

Arrive with it fully charged by regen while towing. 8)
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Re: Fiat 500e Frenzy

Post by Ykick » Jul 01 2017 9:32am

Rassy wrote:Ykick, those cars are small enough I'd get or build a nice low two wheel or tandem wheel ramp trailer to carry it on. Much nicer to tow a trailer that you can actually back up, probably about the same drag on the tow vehicle, no wear and tear on the hauled vehicle, no special tow bar etc. required, and ready to go just as quickly when you reach your destination. Just my two cents. :D
I realize that's a good solution for many but where I often travel and stay (NYC and other congested cities, as example) often have no space to stow a trailer or even a tow dolly.

So, it's flat tow or simply carry an eBike on the back of my coach and be done with it. But the 500e's are really nice local cars and would be so cool as a flat TOAD.
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Re: Fiat 500e Frenzy

Post by brokenblinker » Jul 01 2017 4:20pm

Saw a great condition "granite" color sport version today that is on "special offer" at $8k with 21000 miles. I've checked out a few, and this one is in the best condition of those I've seen. After test driving both the spark and 500e, I think the 500e is a bit more comfortable for me (driving position) and I like that since there are so many, it will be easy to get it worked on. Thinking my wife and I might send over an offer tomorrow.

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