Developer, EV rental firm push Finnish ‘smart city’

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Developer, EV rental firm push Finnish ‘smart city’

Post by LockH » Jun 14 2017 2:59pm

Hehe... News from Finland from a site in Thailand...

Nation Multimedia Group Public Company Limited (NMG) is one of Thailand's largest media companies. The company operates two digital television stations, three national newspapers (English, Thai business, and Thai mass circulation), a university, a book and cartoon unit, printing and logistics operations, and new media and digital platforms.
Developer, EV rental firm push Finnish ‘smart city’ : ... m/30318076

Starts:A COMMUNITY developer and an electric-vehicle rental company in Finland have joined forces to encourage people not to own a car, with the ultimate goal of achieving clean, smart cities with fewer cars on the roads and a carbon-neutral economy.


“With a shared electric car service, we can save space and use it for another purpose instead of building larger car parking areas,” Ronka said.

At an apartment block in Helsinki’s Kalasatama district, Setlementtiasunnot provides a rental service for electric cars 24 hours a day for about 400 residents. The user takes a car from the apartment’s parking lot and returns it to the same place.
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