Buying used Leaf in USA - general advice?

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Buying used Leaf in USA - general advice?

Post by mrzed » Jul 28 2017 5:34pm

The family is taking a trip this August to see the eclipse in Oregon, then to the dunes and redwoods before heading back up to Canada. I'm now convinced this is the time to bring back an off lease Nissan Leaf with us. From what I can tell - prices on used Leafs in the USA are 4-5K lower than in Canada after transaction costs. Exchange rate is headed in the right direction now too. We live in a small city, so the range of a Leaf will cover most of the local driving by far. It's really more for the wife - as I ride a pedal bike most places either way.

I'm leaning to getting one from the Seattle area - we won't be towing or shipping it - so this puts us within range of the border with perhaps one charge stop on the way.

What I've decided so far:
- 2013 or newer (avoids duty - as they are made in USA and covered under NAFTA (for now . . .)
- Heat pump heater
- Level 3 (Chademo) charger desirable but not a must
- Heated seats
- Carfax report proving the vehicle lived in the pacific northwest - no sunbelt car

What I am trying to figure out is if springing for a 2015 model will make a big difference. Also what to look for or look out for in buying. We'll likely go through a dealer - as we're on vacation, and will have two small children and one small travel trailer in tow - so we won't have the time for days of comparison shopping.

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Re: Buying used Leaf in USA - general advice?

Post by Hillhater » Jul 28 2017 10:51pm

Pay a "car finder" fee to an agent to inspect, check, and negotiate a deal to sort out everything before you get there ?
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