Douglas Varey "Austin Boulogne" electric "go-kart"

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Douglas Varey "Austin Boulogne" electric "go-kart"

Post by LockH » Aug 17 2017 5:33pm

(They say:)
Since 1995 has served a devoted global audience of industrial designers ranging from students through seasoned professionals.
Start Your Engines: Seattle Designer Revives the Art of Go-Karts
("How Douglas Varey built a modern interpretation of a classic 1923 racing car"): ... f-Go-Karts


His latest car is no exception. Appropriately named "Austin Boulogne," the kart is modeled after its namesake, a fleet of cars that English motor company Austin sent from England to France to compete in the 1923 Boulogne Grand Prix.
... and:
The wheels for the go-kart are clones of Honda Passport (scooter) wheels. Under the hood—ahem, or in the back of the vehicle—the car is powered by a 5KW BLDC motor with a sine-wave controller, similar to those used on electric bikes, as well as a 48V LiFePO4 battery pack with integrated battery management. There is also a Grin "cycle analyst" which monitors the system and provides energy consumption information, speed and so forth.
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Re: Douglas Varey "Austin Boulogne" electric "go-kart"

Post by fechter » Aug 17 2017 10:00pm

Cool. There aren't many places you could drive it legally.
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Re: Douglas Varey "Austin Boulogne" electric "go-kart"

Post by RLT » Aug 17 2017 11:41pm

That's pretty 'nifty'.!

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