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2017 new model Leaf

Posted: Sep 05 2017 10:52pm
by Hillhater
New generation Leaf is out with apparently a much improved battery performance.. ... -revealed/
..../In Japan specification, which is all that has been revealed so far, buyers will benefit from a huge leap in driving range, courtesy of an extra-dense new 40kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

That design is packed into the same space allocated to the previous model’s battery pack – initially a 24kWh, later upgraded to 30kWh.

“It’s the individual cell structure of the laminated lithium-ion battery cells that’s been improved, representing an impressive 67% increase in energy density versus the 2010 model,” Nissan says.

“Another key engineering improvement for the lithium-ion battery pack is enhanced electrode materials with revised chemistry, resulting in higher power density while contributing to greater battery durability upon charge and discharge.”
:shock: 67% energy density increase on the previous Leaf cells seem like a huge claim to substantiate.
I guess they will have traded off some of the previous cells 10-15C discharge capability in order to improve Ah capacity. ?

Re: 2017 new model Leaf

Posted: Sep 06 2017 2:40am
by Punx0r
The leaf is going to rapidly get left behind if they keep sticking with a low capacity battery/short range/slow performance

Re: 2017 new model Leaf

Posted: Sep 07 2017 5:54pm
by Hillhater
What are you comparing it to ?
The Leaf has a few key advantages over its current near competitors..i3, Bolt, Tesla 3..
? Availability.. It will actually be available widely this year...unlike the Tesla or the Bolt or Renault etc, in our market.
? Price,..certainly much less than the i3,...and likely $20k under the M3 , and $5+k less than Bolt.... (when / if they are made widely available)
? Range ?.. Leaf is more than i3, similar/better than Bolt, only Tesla goes further.. but at a significant cost penalty.
As far as performance, the Leaf seems to be on par with the Bolt, better than the i3, but suspect Nissan and most other serious mass market EV producers are content to leave the dick measuring performance race to Tesla ,..since most of their customers wont be street racers .
It will be interesting to see how the Hyundai Ionic compares ?

Re: 2017 new model Leaf

Posted: Sep 08 2017 6:38am
by Punx0r
Bolt is 150kW (200HP), 60kWh, 238mi range (EPA) 0-60mph in <7sec

Model 3 is 192kW (258HP), 50/75kWh, 220/310mi, 0-60 in <6sec

Leaf (2018) is 110kW (147HP), 40kWh, 250mi* 0-60 in <10sec

Previous model with 24kWh did 80 miles so something drastic must have happened to get a trebling of range for a 67% increase in capacity.

It's better than the old model, but considering the head-start they've had, the latest offering seems like not enough improvement. Conversely, as you say they are/will likely be actually available.

Re: 2017 new model Leaf

Posted: Sep 08 2017 8:21am
by Hillhater
I wasnt aware there is any 0-60 test data availablr for the Leaf yet ?
But with less weight and the same torque at the wheels, it wont be far off thr Bolt times.
...and then they also have the higher powered, bigger battery, version following on in 12 months .
Also , i notice that it is actually us$8000. (22%) cheaper than the Bolt !
Some Californians will be paying under us$20k for these after various rebates !