Tesla-Powered Kit Car Runs 9-Second Quarter Mile + M3 PMAC

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Tesla-Powered Kit Car Runs 9-Second Quarter Mile + M3 PMAC

Post by MitchJi » Oct 07, 2017 5:40 pm

Tesla-Powered Kit Car Runs 9-Second Quarter Mile

https://teslamotorsclub.com/blog/2017/1 ... rter-mile/

A company called EV Controls has stuffed the drivetrain of a Tesla Model S P85 and two battery packs from a Chevy Volt into a sporty kit car capable of a run down the quarter mile in just 9.869 seconds.

The company modifies Tesla’s firmware to work with their own T1-C controller, which summons an additional 60 horsepower more than the stock motor outputs. The kit car body from Factory Five Racing brings the car’s weight down to just 2,100 pounds, about 2,500 pounds lighter than a Model S.

We now offer a standalone controller for the Tesla drive unit that allows you to install this powertrain in other vehicles. It is a touch screen based unit with a 7″ display.

The controller is available in two models, the EVControls T-1 and T-1C.

The T-1 allows CAN control over the drive modes (Drive, Neutral, Reverse), displays the infomation coming back from the inverter, and allows you to control and adjust the power and regenerative braking limits.

The T-1C does all this and adds 12 outputs to control a variety of outputs that any installation would require.

Get full product information by clicking a product below, or simply add to your cart.
EV Controls T-1

EV Controls T-1C

And I'm not sure if I posted this already, the M3 uses a PMAC Motor
Best Wishes!


The best quality batteries and lowest priced batteries for DIY EV's are tier 1 OEM Quality Cells from salvaged (wrecked) EV packs. Two examples are Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf packs.

Nissan Leaf Module specs are here
Chevy Volt Pack Info - Salvage 16kwh Packs Under $2k here
The cells are rated conservatively by GM at 7.8C, Yabert's tests of Volt packs on the DiyEv car forum suggest a higher C rate, 15+ C!.

$1,400 plus $360 freight. Still over $1k less than new lead!

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Re: Tesla-Powered Kit Car Runs 9-Second Quarter Mile + M3 PM

Post by Joe T. » Oct 25, 2017 9:02 pm

I have been tossing around the idea of building this very car. I have enjoyed my ebike so much I have a hankering to get an electric car. I have had a ludicrous desire for some silent thunder. I figure with the recent weather in Texas, there may be a flood of cheap Teslas on the market...

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