Most EV Drivers Choose To Lease Instead Of Buy

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Most EV Drivers Choose To Lease Instead Of Buy

Post by LockH » Jan 06 2018 8:55pm ... stead-buy/

Are you surprised by the title? We’re not — 100% not surprised. Why buy a new car technology as it rapidly improving year after year when you can lease? That is one of the biggest problems carmakers are facing today as they try to sell EVs, and so far, they haven’t come up with the solution needed. How do you sell in an economy that favors leasing and ride-hailing instead of ownership?
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Re: Most EV Drivers Choose To Lease Instead Of Buy

Post by jonescg » Jan 07 2018 6:57am

Leasing of vehicles is very unusual here in Australia. Mind you, we are now the dumping ground of every make and model that can't be sold overseas due to emissions regs, and car ownership is actually pretty darn cheap.

I doubt many would take up the offer if EVs were available for lease. We tend to buy these things outright, or worse, borrow the total and pay it back at 12% interest...

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Re: Most EV Drivers Choose To Lease Instead Of Buy

Post by Hillhater » Jan 08 2018 7:36pm

....For $220 per month or even sometimes as low as $100, you can lease an electric car. These are hard deals to pass up.
no surprise at all there !
..but of course you are talking about the USA.
i would defy anybody to find that kind of deal in Australia. you would be lucky to find an EV lease for under $1000 month here..or even on any new car for that matter.
believe me , i have looked hard and down here its still more financially sensible to buy cash with your own money, (even if the dealers are offering 0% interest on finance !)
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