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Tesla 3 Perfomance model test drive

Posted: Dec 03 2018 9:47pm
by craneplaneguy
I know a guy who has been a major Tesla geek since the getgo, and I got to drive his earlier (since sold, with 140 K miles on it) first gen Tesla a few years ago. Today, I got to drive his brand new (2,000 miles) model 3, the Performance version, AWD! 150 MPH top speed! 310 miles range! 75 K!!!!!
I never got it over 40, but that was in a 30 mph school zone (no kids in sight, or cops), but I accelerated up that speed so fast it pulled my ears back.
It had great visibilty, especially over the hood (guess why) and the entire roof was tinted glass.

When they first came on sale, he and his wife put down payments for 4 of them, they have since sold the other three. I didn't quite follow it but he somehow pulled some strings to get his sooner. It was a very icy stormy day, so a great test of the AWD system. He mentioned how it calculates how much torque to put to which wheel many times faster then a conventional AWD, and how it and the other model Telsa'a have the very best crash rating of ALL cars. I asked him about fires after a crash, he said they have proven to be 3 or 4 times LES likely to catch on fire then a ICE car.

This pictures shows something interesting: note the snow still on the hood, no other cars in the parking lot had any, ha ha. My rig has a much more impressive horn however.