groped 750 esr Motor help

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groped 750 esr Motor help

Post by Edd173 » Jun 08 2019 5:08pm

I’m new here
I hope someone can help.
I just fitted new brushes to my groped 750 esr. I also sanded down the copper commutator with 600 grit on a lathe to get all the pitting out, as the engine previously overheated and seized .
Now it won’t spin at all. It just clicks and heats up when I put the power on. Can anyone suggest any help?

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Re: groped 750 esr Motor help

Post by pattyballs » Jun 09 2019 6:31pm

Sorry to hear about your issues. Not to sure how to fix yours, but i do have a silver case ESR750 motor if you are interested in it. Ran before i switch my motor to a Torkinator. Pm me if you are interested.

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Re: groped 750 esr Motor help

Post by ESR_RSE » Aug 05 2019 4:03pm

Hey Ed you figure it out?

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Re: groped 750 esr Motor help

Post by lazyguy » Sep 01 2019 7:02pm

Make sure you put the brushes back in the correct place. Should be on opposite sides with the two wires on the same side if that makes sense. Do you have a black case motor or silvercase? If you have a blackcase motor I have a link to the bushing and bearing if you wanted to replace those as well for a full rebuild.

If you are sure you have the brushes in the correct spot, you said it overheated, might have a short in your windings so time to bust out the multimeter and probe the commutator.

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