groped 750 esr Motor help

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groped 750 esr Motor help

Post by Edd173 » Jun 08 2019 5:08pm

I’m new here
I hope someone can help.
I just fitted new brushes to my groped 750 esr. I also sanded down the copper commutator with 600 grit on a lathe to get all the pitting out, as the engine previously overheated and seized .
Now it won’t spin at all. It just clicks and heats up when I put the power on. Can anyone suggest any help?

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Re: groped 750 esr Motor help

Post by pattyballs » Jun 09 2019 6:31pm

Sorry to hear about your issues. Not to sure how to fix yours, but i do have a silver case ESR750 motor if you are interested in it. Ran before i switch my motor to a Torkinator. Pm me if you are interested.

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