USB Linker info for Alien or FlierModel ESCs?

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USB Linker info for Alien or FlierModel ESCs?

Post by DanGT86 » Jul 29 2019 12:25pm

I'm looking for some info on the USB linker and programming for Alien Power Systems or Flier Model ESCs. I picked up a cheap used 22s 120amp Fliermodel Ebike ESC but it doesn't come with the USB cable. I'm hoping someone can tell me what other ESCs on the market might use the same cable.

There is no easy way to buy a $1 cable directly from FlierModel in China.

It appears the Alien Power Systems branded ESCs are the same as the FlierModel branded units so I'm trying to get a cable from them but its a pretty slow process. It would be nice to get one from amazon or ebay.

It looks like simple functions can be programmed through the "throttle" but I don't know if the battery voltage or other settings are crucial to set first. I don't want to connect it to my 20s pack without any idea what settings it has currently loaded. I have never messed with an RC ESC before, only large sensored ebike controllers.

So does anybody know where I can find a compatible cable? Are the USB linkers interchangeable between lots of manufacturers or do they put some proprietary code in there so you have to get a certain one. Looks like a basic usb to serial adapter but I don't want to assume that and fry it.

Anybody use a FlierModel ESC that would want to give me some tips?


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