New members making myself at home

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New members making myself at home

Post by Geneticallymodified » Aug 03 2019 2:37pm

Hi folks, new member part time tinkerer

I've recently picked up a couple razor scooters on the cheap, an e100s (£10)and a rx200(£40)

I'm hoping to mod both little by little. I've got a lb27 controller 24v 250w (15.99) to upgrade the e100s and remove the kick start so the daughter can ride it abit easier with the addition of the variable speed throttle, hopefully she will have pretty good control

I've already scraped a cheap 120w 24v scooter (£30) and changed it from belt to chain drive to give the e100s a bit more oompff with the new controller. Issue is that the controller seems to hard on when wired to description. I've contacted the ebay seller and hope to have that sorted soon ish. Next step is to either put a softer wheel on the back or maybe the addition of a foot pedal operated drum brake for the back wheel. And then I hope to progress with larger battery capacity, maybe even a little box behind the seat with some external batteries on a switch so they an be swapped out as needed

Well I hope that all makes sense and any input and help would be greatly appreciated

I'll throw in some random pics just for the looky loos. The e100s is wired to 7ah batteries while I tried to work out the electrics and I'm charging the 4.5ah in the rx200


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