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Looking for advice 20” Scooter build

Posted: Aug 12 2019 8:46pm
by argus511
I just bought a used full suspension kick scooter with 20” wheels and disk brakes.

My plan is to mount a front hub Motor laced to a 20” rim mounted in the rear. I’m hoping to use this thing to bomb around when we’re camping and the local pathways, So nothing extreme.

Could someone please recommend a hub motor and a vendor I could order from. Preferably in either Canada or the US. I already have a 48v battery so I’m really just looking for a hub motor and controller.



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Re: Looking for advice 20” Scooter build

Posted: Aug 12 2019 10:08pm
by Drunkskunk
Welcome to the forum. Good looking fat bike.

What's your budget? Starting from Cheep: For something that's going to get occasional use, a cheap $200 Ebay/Amazon Direct drive hub would be fine. They're usually either a 9C, MXUS, or one of the various clones. All work well. heavy, Silent, good to 2000 watts and nearly indestructible.

Mid tier: G311. it's a light weight and quiet geared hub. Looks like you already know Bafang from that Fatbike.

Top Tier: MAC motor. Great torque, high power to weight ratio.

Re: Looking for advice 20” Scooter build

Posted: Aug 13 2019 5:10pm
by Suggs
This is our converted Pawtrekker. Great fun although I’d recommend upgrading the rear suspension unit, it makes a huge difference. We went for a Rockshox Monarch R. We had a custom made motor for it but it’s very similar to one of the MXUS models. The most important part is the torque arms. These took the longest to design & fabricate out of everything on the build.
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Good luck with it. Give me a shout if you need any help.

Re: Looking for advice 20” Scooter build

Posted: Aug 14 2019 9:13am
by argus511
Thank you both for your reply.

I checked out, and I think the G311 might work best for my needs.

Suggs, your scooter looks awesome I can only imagine how much fun that’s to ride. Do you have better picture of the torque arms?

I was hoping I could just use torque arm brackets designed for the front forks and use them for the rear. Perhaps that’s not possible so I may have to find a custom solution as well.

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Re: Looking for advice 20” Scooter build

Posted: Aug 14 2019 11:34am
by Suggs
For the torque arms we went "belt & braces" as we use the scooters offroad and didn't want to be stuck in the forest with miles to walk the scooter back to the car if anything happened! I'll get you a better photo when I'm next at my Dads as this is the only closer one I have on my phone. We made use of the holes already in the frame which you can maybe just about make out on the photo.
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My Dad runs the scooter with a 14S lipo pack and the controller is limited to roughly 40A I think. At full charge top speed is approx. 23mph and the acceleration is great with having a small diameter wheel.

If you want to try and get the same motor the company is called Green Pedel. The motor model number is GP-D30F

Re: Looking for advice 20” Scooter build

Posted: Aug 15 2019 3:30pm
by Suggs
Here's some close ups of the torque arms. Each side is different but both sides are made up of two pieces. The piece that goes on first is a bit like a washer and entirely encompasses the motor axle. The second piece is so that a bolt can pinch/clamp onto the axle and then they all bolt through the existing frame. I hope that makes sense?! If not just ask.
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These two are just to show the rear suspension unit upgrade.
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