Scooter won't turn on?

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Scooter won't turn on?

Post by thisizit » Apr 04 2021 12:55am

Hi, bout a 2nd hand electric scooter. No idea what brand it is. Doesn't say in the manual.

Was riding down the street, I pushed the throttle a tiny bit more n it literally just cut out on me... Wouldnt start again... Had to walk about 5-10ks after the fact, thought the battery might've needed charging but I charged it n nothing happened.

When I push the button for a second it lights up Asif it's gonna start but immediately shuts off.

When I HOLD the power button down it it lights up n shows the red repair icon, then proceeds to show the msg, E10

I sorta did a quick Google search but I can't find the same model scooter n not sure if the error codes are across the board with E bikes n scooters.

Was hoping someone has had the same issue in the past n knew the fix.

Took some vids of it, links below, cheers

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