Help for new eBoard build

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Help for new eBoard build

Post by xmuf » Apr 25 2021 5:51am

Hi, Id like to build my own electric longboard

I want to make something not expensive as a first version and upgrade it as my skills in building electric longboard progress.

Id like some recommendations on the following:

Motor: Flipsky 6374
Battery: 10s2p
ESC: Flipsky FSESC6.6 60A ESC (or any kits?)
Deck: obfive drop through 96cm
Trucks: stock trucks(24.5cm) or new?
Enclosure: ?
Remote: ?
Belts: ?

Would like the range between 15-20km and the top speed between 35-40km/hr, also if I can keep and modify the stock trucks to use them for build I can make a motor mount
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Re: Help for new eBoard build

Post by agraham » May 03 2021 4:35am

Not to take anything away from endless-sphere it's a great place but you will find a lot more traffic on this topic at

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