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New Razor EcoSmart SUP, upgrade recommendations?

Posted: Jun 10 2021 2:17pm
by AWDDude
Just purchased a new Razor Ecosmart SUP electric scooter. This is a newish model from razor similar to their older ecosmart metro, but with a hub motor and no seat. Its a pretty awesome ride with giant 16inch wheels and wide deck. I purchased it knowing i would want to modify it for more power/speed and longer range. At 36 volts, the motor produces negligible heat even while going up hill, so I want to over drive it to 60v. From what I can tell a 60v 20ah battery should fit with plenty of room to spare in the battery compartment.

The worst thing about the scooter and the first thing I will be replacing is the brake system. The factory belt/drum brake is horrible, its got plenty of stopping power but its veryyy grabby and will lockup the rear wheel. I have tried adjusting it with little to no success. The rear part of the frame has holes that look like they are specifically designed for disc brake calipers but I will have to fabricate something to mount the disc to the wheel.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a cost effective 60volt brushless controller? I also would like some recommendations for 60volt 20ah batteries.

Re: New Razor EcoSmart SUP, upgrade recommendations?

Posted: Jun 14 2021 7:15am
by BigBlock
it all depends from how many Amps you are able to put on your motor. Are you sure it can run @ 60V ?