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£500 for a used offroad escoot?

Posted: May 10 2022 5:40am
by Lukeinlondon
Hi all, looking for something to offroad. I have a budget of about £500 for something used. So far I have come across the Kaabo Mantis just curious if there were any clear winners within my budget that I should consider?


Re: £500 for a used offroad escoot?

Posted: May 11 2022 8:32am
by Lukeinlondon
i guess you guys are too busy building things..

for anyone with this question in the future, the Zero 10x seems like the best offroad dual motor scooter in the £700 budget, they sell for £800-£1200 used in the UK but can be found from Aliexpress for £750 new so that is the option I will go!