What happened to the Dirtsurfer? Alternatives?

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Re: What happened to the Dirtsurfer? Alternatives?

Post by jatgm1 » May 15 2015 7:48pm

I know I'm a little late to the question but here it is, I searched high and low! I found d a few. http://www.dracosport.com/flexipro.html
Around 1000 dollars...
http://m.globalsources.com/gsol/I/Wave- ... 000568.htm
from a bulk site, if yout wanted to buy a bunch and then sell them individually on here to make a profit you definitely could, their not a huge market but people troll ebay for these things and TheIR usually gone within a day or less.
http://m.alibaba.com/product/472327312/ ... iDeck.html
http://m.alibaba.com/product/6021792758 ... urfer.html
the same applies to those sites. If Anyone wanted to do some kind of group order of 30, or 100, that may work as well. Jatgm1@gmail.com is my email if anyone is down for that. Well, sorry that's not the best news in the world..


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Re: What happened to the Dirtsurfer? Alternatives?

Post by BARRELL » Aug 17 2018 3:20pm

I have a brand new dirt surfer I want to get rid of. I bought it at a trade show. The salesman told me it was a aircraft alloy proto type that it was the only one made like that and in the USA when I bought it. Its very light not heavy steel like the ones that were later imported. Never used it now Im moving and trying to get rid of all those things we all collect over the years and dont really need. I cant get the picture to attach, maybe because Im new? I can email pics.

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Re: What happened to the Dirtsurfer? Alternatives?

Post by IanJThor » May 31 2019 9:17pm

If you still have it I'm interested in picking up another.

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