Boat ESC - success Only works for me though.

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Re: Boat ESC - success Only works for me though.

Post by dirkdiggler » Sep 16, 2014 10:54 pm

I'd try switching out the ESC to one you know that works, and trying to switch out the motor using the boat esc. Need to figure out what isn't working. I've had bad ESCs before, could be just that.

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Re: Boat ESC - success Only works for me though.

Post by furp » Oct 09, 2014 3:11 pm

Got it working now, Must have been some problem between the ESC initiation routine and the servo tester. It now runs really well on a 5065 at $s in my scooter, nice acceleration, power and braking.

There are different manuals around for this ESC, the one I had previously was wrong, now I got the one directly written by the supplier which seems to be right.

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Re: Boat ESC - success Only works for me though.

Post by Jeefberky » Apr 11, 2016 5:32 pm

Sorry for waking up an old thread. I came past this thread before because I wanted to build an electric longboard, and I build one recently.
I have used a 90A boat esc with a sk3 5055 280KV motor. The esc works good, but I have one problem.
When I release the throttle, coast for a while and reapply the throttle, it is like the esc is forcing the motor to spin at a lower rate. It feels like the coils are firing at the wrong time (without screeching noice).

I have solved this for now by programming the arduino, I use for controlling the esc, to always apply a small amount of throttle so the esc could still sense the position of the motor (I could be wrong but it works).

Does anyone know what could be happening with the esc and motor?

The answer is a few pages back. This esc sucks for E-boards :P.

Well, I will keep experimenting with it, it is running fine at the moment because te arduino tames it.
Maybe I should order a VESC 8)

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Re: Boat ESC - success Only works for me though.

Post by laurnts » Apr 11, 2016 8:24 pm

You can use a more advanced remote rather than using an arduino.

I use HK trackstar Ts3T with the multi option feature enabled.

Basically when you start throttle your motor will start turning.
Once you release throttle, speed will go down but the motor will keep running depending on the multi option setting you choose (using throttle signal trimming).
And when you actually hit the brake it will completely stop the multi option feature.

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Re: Boat ESC - success Only works for me though.

Post by Njakts » Feb 02, 2017 6:36 am

Since my Hobyking 90A boat esc did not work very well on my e-board, I decided to take it apart...
It is potted all around in black rubbery-silicone like stuff and not very easy to get out.

here are some pics -

Main IC is Atmel MEGA168
Mosfet drivers are: 5109B
Mosfets (18) are: M3018D (

Mosfets look pretty good with Continuous Drain Current of 110-155 amps. With propper cooling this esc could push more than 90A easy...

Maybe some one knows about reflash-ability for this esc, maybe with propper firmware (with brakes) it could be used as an e-board esc.


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