128t pulley

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128t pulley

Post by higrade » Mar 31 2015 9:24am

http://www.robotshop.com/en/actobotics- ... ear-1.html what would be the effect of using a 128t pully on http://shop.ondamotion.com/onda-longa or is 128t too much

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Re: 128t pulley

Post by torqueboards » Mar 31 2015 9:47am

Why would you need that much reduction?

Typical is about 50T-60T for 7-8" type wheels.
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Re: 128t pulley

Post by beto_pty » Mar 31 2015 11:05am

using a 240kv tacon...I ride my destroyer on 14:68 gearing on 12s... the torque is awesome and those 7 inchers roll over everything...
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Re: 128t pulley

Post by thepronghorn » Mar 31 2015 3:31pm

That's not a pulley. That's a 128T 32P aluminum gear. The pitch is probably too small for the torques required by electric longboards.

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