My new Nano Longboard build

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My new Nano Longboard build

Post by » Dec 03 2015 6:51am

Almost finished with my new build,
Wanted something more compact and travel friendly then my big longboard.
Here's the result:

Deck - Sector 9 29" mini longboard
Trucks - Gullwing mission
Wheels - Arbor 72mm i had laying around
Battery - 4S 8000mah Zippy 25C
Engine - 5060 270KV
ESC - HK 120A Car ESC
Remote - Quantum pistol

The box and the engine mount are custom made. (aluminium)

Upgrades - Soon i'll change the remote to a kama and add some cosmetics (paint the electronics box and add wire protection.

pics and vids:

the last one is next to his "dad"


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Re: My new Nano Longboard build

Post by Nobuo » Feb 12 2016 4:17am

really neat and hard protected. Super low voltage build :o . how average speed do you get? the XT90s confused me a little, there is a further reason do you use it along that avoiding the spark?
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Re: My new Nano Longboard build

Post by » Mar 12 2016 8:17am

I usually ride it at about 15km\h (around 10mph)
top speed gets to 25 km/h (18 mph)

Feels like the perfect speed for a board this size.
and with the 8000mah it gets amazing range.

Honestly i wouldn't change a thing, great little board for transportation around town.

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