Electric Penny Board

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Electric Penny Board

Post by flimflamphlegm » Dec 31 2015 4:14pm

Hey there, happy new year guys!

I was looking at a compact e-board for the new year, and I came across this http://1stboards.com/en/%E5%95%86%E5%93%81/me-mini/, an electric board that copies the form factor of the penny board. I emailed about specs and the motor is rated at 350W and the battery is rated at 7Ah. Do you think this board could actually hit around 20kph? The Yuneec e-go motor is rated for 400W and it hits around the same speed, so do you think this board is capable of hitting the advertised specs? Also, is it possible to replace the motor for something more powerful in the board I linked?


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Re: Electric Penny Board

Post by Nobuo » Feb 20 2016 3:52am

I think is closer as a toy than a real e-skate, I would look for further solutions
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