Where to purchase gears? PLEASE HELP!

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Where to purchase gears? PLEASE HELP!

Post by backinblack626 » Mar 15 2016 11:45am

So I have been trying to mix and match gears and it is turning into a nightmare... Amazon had both pulleys I needed, but one would ship in two days with amazon prime and the other would take almost a month from china which is ridiculous. I am trying to finish this project by the beginning of April as soon as my VESC comes in!

1) Where is the best place to purchase timing gears WITH FAST SHIPPING? (AKA SHIPPED FROM USA)
2) Which is the best type of belt for these projects? (GT2, XL, HTD?)
3) Can someone recommend a good belt width (and length) that wont take up too much room but will transfer the power well?
4) Can people list the gear ratios they are using and where they purchased them (in a timely manner)?

My goal is a 2.25 gear ratio with a 9mm wide belt driven by a 6364 SK3 245kV Brushless Outrunner
Will be run with a VESC with Torque Boards Mini Remote
Still deciding between a 22.2V system or a 44.4V system if anyone cares to touch on that as well, but my largest issue is finding the proper gears.

***Another issue I ran into, was I wanted to buy large heavy duty aluminum wheels with offroad tires for my long board. The rubber tire extends past the edge of the rim so it would rub on any belt riding near it. Has anyone run into this issue or had a fix for it? I was thinking just a simple spacer between rim and pulley, but that will create a lot of stress.

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Re: Where to purchase gears? PLEASE HELP!

Post by torqueboards » Mar 15 2016 12:16pm

www.sdp-si.com if you want pulley stock. The plastic options are easy to modify.

We sell 12T, 14T, 16T 9mm width and 36T for ABEC/Kegels. 36/16 gives you 2.25.

HTD5mm seems to be the best option. GT2 would be best but it is much more expensive.

The typical width options are 9mm, 15mm lately 12mm. However, 12mm is a custom width.

These VersaPulleys are nice for HTD 5mm for 15mm at 42T/60T - http://www.vexrobotics.com/htdversapulley.html

Both 22.2v and 44.4v will work just depends on what your particular use is for.. Typically, lately most have been on higher voltages than 22.2v.
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Re: Where to purchase gears? PLEASE HELP!

Post by mccloed » Mar 15 2016 1:39pm

Torque pretty much covered it. Would definitely recommend spacers for a pneumatic set up. I used spacers on a plastic Skike wheel and have had no issues. Just don't make them too long.

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