Two 149kv build?

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Two 149kv build?

Post by ArcticViper » Apr 25 2016 10:09pm

Hi all,

Was browsing for parts for a build and I saw HobbyKing have a sale on Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6374-149kv motors. Would 1 (or possibly 2) be enough for a ~210lb rider? Would have to be able to go up inclines as well (live in a decently hilly place, not like SF though). Thoughts anyone?

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Re: Two 149kv build?

Post by LEVer » Apr 25 2016 11:03pm

Check this thread: ... ilit=gents

You will be slower with the same gearing because your motor has 149kv compared to the 192kv, but a Single 149kv will be enough to move you up 15% hill.

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Re: Two 149kv build?

Post by SteveS » Apr 26 2016 2:04pm

What voltage are you running? I'm running a single 149kv at 12S, I weigh 155 pounds and it does great on hills.

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