Center printed pulley?

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Center printed pulley?

Post by ecologymagnet » Jul 31 2016 7:12pm

How can I center a printed pulley in a normal wheel?

Thank you.

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Re: Center printed pulley?

Post by bandaro » Aug 02 2016 5:20am

By 'normal wheel' I shall assume this is one without a centre hub for mounting on? Something like flashbacks?

I think your best bet would be to print a jig that slips into the wheel, then use a bench drill to get your holes. So what I'm imagining is a printed cylinder the size of the bearings, and a 2mm or so thick base extending out much like a raft, with the hole pattern in that. So from the side it's looking like a T shape. Slip that over your wheel, drill it with a bench press to make sure they are nice and vertical, and the pulley should slip on pretty much dead centre.

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