Open Source Motor Dyno

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Open Source Motor Dyno

Post by s28400 » Oct 09 2016 4:56pm

Hey guys,
I'm working on a motor dyno to test motors and generate power, torque, and efficiency curves. It will be arduino based and will use VESCs to drive/brake the motors. I have started a build log on my site but will update here if you guys are interested. ... p?f=6&t=29
Let me know what you think! Would anyone be interested in something like this?
My Project Site:
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Re: Open Source Motor Dyno

Post by WTech » Oct 09 2016 9:49pm

Very interesting project indeed, would be very useful to benchmark those motors.

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Re: Open Source Motor Dyno

Post by liveforphysics » Oct 09 2016 11:28pm

Nice project!

Great work, and I look forward to your test results.
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Re: Open Source Motor Dyno

Post by Vanarian » Oct 10 2016 6:01am

Just do it! :wink:
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Re: Open Source Motor Dyno

Post by Samd » Oct 10 2016 6:03am


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