Where to buy a VESC?

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Where to buy a VESC?

Post by edskate » Nov 01 2016 1:42pm

Hey guys,
I want to get a VESC. Im in the UK and there are so many companies selling them
The price varies so much, Are they all good quality?


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Re: Where to buy a VESC?

Post by s28400 » Nov 01 2016 3:31pm

I've had several very bad experiences with Enertion vescs. I have bought a total of 4 vescs from them and two died after a day of bench testing and two others had dead DRV chips on arrival. They don't respond to their emails or support contact forms and their prices are fairly high. I would stay away from them unless you want to watch money disappear. I have built my own vescs which I have had zero problems with and I would highly recommend Ollin Board Company. Their price is a bit higher but they test their vescs and stand behind their products.
If you aren't in a rush, I would wait until Ben releases the VESC 6.0 in the coming month or two. He has made so many substantial improvements and the new design brings some game changing possibilities to the table.
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Re: Where to buy a VESC?

Post by Montiey » Nov 07 2016 8:01am

Ollin boards is sort of the "premium" seller in my opinion. Enertion is bigger and cheaper, but I've seen too many photos and heard to many nightmare tech support stories to spend more than $50 with them. On the other hand, Ollin has repaired my VESC twice, and even offered to repair it a third because of a broken capacitor. At this point I should note that I most likely wouldn't have needed 2 of those repairs if I hadn't decided to put the battery connector on backwards…

The price is about $70 cheaper for Enertion's model- but it's discontinued now that they have the vesc-x. Their new vesc is the same price as Ollin's "classic" vesc. If you haven't already heard, Vedder is supposed to be working on a 6.0 vesc (not the vesc-x, that is enertion's own product) that has integrated RF for controllers, bug fixes, etc. If I were you, I would hold off as long as possible until Vedder's new model launches. Some of the sellers like Ollin or even Enertion might pick up on it and drop their prices.

EDIT: The VESC-X and the 6.0 are the same. It looks like exertion sells the single board as of now, while vedder is working on a sandwich board to add NRF and stuff. Again, further developments will clarify...

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