Looking for Durable Custom Wheel Pulleys?

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Looking for Durable Custom Wheel Pulleys?

Post by s28400 » Nov 14 2016 2:32pm

Hey guys,
I have been playing with different materials for wheel hub pulleys for the ABEC Flywheels and I have finally found the perfect place to get them made. Shapeways is an online 3D printing service and for about $20-$30 a pulley, you can have them SLS 3D printed out of their "Strong and Flexible" plastic, aka nylon. I ordered a few and have been testing them. They have been holding up great with no signs of wearing or degradation of any kind after about 20 hard miles. If you are looking to make some custom pulleys, I couldn't recommend Shapeways enough. Oh and I'm not endorsed or paid by Shapeways in any way.

Here is a picture:
image (1).jpeg
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Re: Looking for Durable Custom Wheel Pulleys?

Post by bandaro » Nov 16 2016 7:08am

I've used shapeways for final prototype printing too, their SLS nylon is incredibly strong and accurate. If you don't have a printer to do it yourself, the strong and flexible is probably the way to go. I have a printer here so do most that way, but shapeways is probably the largest printing service and the quality is incredible. The tolerance is something like 0.02mm.

SLS printing is also the next best thing to injection moulded parts. Super accurate with no support material needed.

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