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Seeking Dexter/Torqueboards/DIY

Posted: Jan 03 2017 4:07pm
by crstophr

I apologize for the wide distribution of this message. I have been unable to reliably reach you through your business email and would like to draw attention to this issue. I see you are still active on electric skateboard forums so I'm posting in all of them to try to get that communication going again. I have been waiting for an RMA for over 2 months now and am concerned that you may have lost track of it. I'm out $200 and don't even have broken hardware to show for it.

In October 2016 after a brief conversation on your web chat you issued RMA 2221 for some failed hardware.

On 10/27 that hardware was delivered to your business shipping address

On 11/17 I sent email asking for an update and received no response

On 12/1 I sent another email and received the following response:

Hi Chris,
Sorry for the delay. We're just not getting settled in.
We'll get your RMA2221 shipped out.

On 12/5 I replied asking you to confirm a shipping date and received no reply.

On 12/13 I emailed you asking for an update and received no reply.

At this point it has been 69 days since you received the hardware and in that time I've only managed to get a single reply.

Please answer the following questions:
Is it possible you have a mail filters/spam problem that is hiding or deleting my email to you?

Do you still intend to ship this?

Specifically when? Please provide a date.

Thank you for your attention to this matter


Re: Seeking Dexter/Torqueboards/DIY

Posted: Jan 04 2017 6:15pm
by crstophr
Well I also sent this message to and according to mailtrak it was read:

RMA 2221 over 2 months open email
Dexter DIYElectricSkateboard read your email
Sent on 2017-01-03
Read on 2017-01-03 at 13:33h by Dexter DIYElectricSkateboard

Still praying for some kind of easy communication and resolution on this issue. Haven't heard anything yet.

Re: Seeking Dexter/Torqueboards/DIY

Posted: Jan 08 2017 1:38am
by torqueboards
Resolved. Contact OP.

Re: Seeking Dexter/Torqueboards/DIY

Posted: Jan 09 2017 10:53pm
by crstophr
HOORAY Got the parts. Thank you! So excited to get the board back on the road=)


Re: Seeking Dexter/Torqueboards/DIY

Posted: Jan 10 2017 12:22am
by torqueboards

Re: Seeking Dexter/Torqueboards/DIY

Posted: Jan 30 2017 5:44pm
by We-Me
From my 2 or 3 experiences with Dexter fro DIY I had to do the same as you, post my request on a forum in order to get a response. And then he took care of me but I was very aggravated at that point and will never buy that junk again. I buy from APS and ADS and find waiting for the shipment from U.K. is ultimately faster than dealing with Dexter.

Re: Seeking Dexter/Torqueboards/DIY

Posted: Feb 02 2017 12:50am
by torqueboards
@We-Me Sorry you had a bad experience. We're always looking to improve and do the best we can. Posting in a forum does help isolate the issue specifically although it shouldn't come to that. I'd be glad to help in the future in anyway we can. Thanks for sharing your experience.