Ecoreco User Update: Failure at 21 the shop now

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Ecoreco User Update: Failure at 21 the shop now

Post by ecorecoscooteruser » Fri Jan 13, 2017 4:13 pm

Quick update to my original impressions with the ecoreco M5 Scooter here ( ... o#p1029028)

I've been using it to commute about 3x a week and had been loving it so much so, I backed their current indigogo for the new Model R big time, as well as the model XS. I figured if ever my ecoreco scooter when down, I might need a temporary replacement to fill in. Plus would be nice for the family to scoot along during a strip. Little did I know...

Just two days later, my ecoreco M5 when about two blocks, then shut down on a slight incline. The stats at that time were about almost 1000 miles, 88 recharges, per the ecoreco onboard readout. I emailed customer service, and since I am somewhat local, I drove it down to have them look at it the next day. FYI, their posted addy is a UPS store, but when I called, the customer support person came right away to pick up the scooter. Unfortunately they said they would be able to fix it today, so I will post and update to let you know how good the ecoreco after purchase service is...

Hopefully I will be satisfied with their customer service as I have been with the M5 itself up until now. I do find it ironic that happened right after funding their new scooters...!

(I'm going to keep this post short on this website because it won't let user post a referral number which gives new buyers a $50 discount, since it also gives me $50 credit at the ecoreco store. )

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Re: Ecoreco User Update: Failure at 21 the shop

Post by dventu » Fri Jan 20, 2017 11:00 am

What's the update on the m5

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