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Postby Kneelb4ZOD » Fri Mar 10, 2017 12:57 am

dventu wrote:Well I'm very upset I'm not receiving the scoot this month. If i dont see the product rolling out soon I'll be issuing a charge back. I've been reading this thread and there is a lot of unhappy customers. http://forums.letskickscoot.com/post?id ... 1&trail=75

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Well, like I said a lot of their stats don't seem to be adding up, I think the biggest warning sign of all is they are claiming to get twice the power as everyone else from the same motor. I mean, maybe they are sacrificing reliability, but their top speed is the same. 500w will move you a lot faster than 15mph. Their motors are obviously 250w and 350w, and if they can't even get that straight, I wonder about the rest of the project. I do really like that folding seat, though.
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