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Re: Eon Scooter

Posted: Mar 10 2017 12:57am
by Kneelb4ZOD
dventu wrote:Well I'm very upset I'm not receiving the scoot this month. If i dont see the product rolling out soon I'll be issuing a charge back. I've been reading this thread and there is a lot of unhappy customers. ... 1&trail=75

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Well, like I said a lot of their stats don't seem to be adding up, I think the biggest warning sign of all is they are claiming to get twice the power as everyone else from the same motor. I mean, maybe they are sacrificing reliability, but their top speed is the same. 500w will move you a lot faster than 15mph. Their motors are obviously 250w and 350w, and if they can't even get that straight, I wonder about the rest of the project. I do really like that folding seat, though.

Re: Eon Scooter

Posted: Apr 26 2017 3:37pm
by Johnny B
Did you get your charge-back through?

Re: Eon Scooter

Posted: Apr 28 2017 12:27pm
by dventu
I got a confirmation email about 2 to 3 weeks ago. We should be getting a production start date today. I'm really interested in the product. Hopefully we get scooting in May. Or else I'm not sure what to do. If they start shipping by May then it's typical 2 month indiegogo delays. Keeping my fingers crossed. Or charge back and get luna apocalypse

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Re: Eon Scooter

Posted: Jun 05 2017 11:57am
by Johnny B
Nervous about Eon.

Re: Eon Scooter

Posted: Jun 07 2017 7:42am
by maxwelledison
Eon's recent updates look a lot like "stalling", to me.

As for the reason they might stall, that is anyone's guess. The entire campaign has been sketchy from the beginning, with Eon putting forth too many claims that don't add up. They constantly contradict themselves left and right, and it's just bizarre how they're almost never willing to answer simple questions with direct answers. In addition, the campaign owner has no verifiable businesss background that I've been able to discern. His LinkedIn page has exactly zero professional contacts, which I find extremely strange. I have a LinkedIn account I never curated and haven't used in years, and even I have a couple dozen contacts just from people I've known and worked with over the years. How is it even possible this guy knows nobody on LinkedIn? It's just one more mystery with Eon.

My guess is that Eon will keep stalling as long as possible, until a sudden "unexpected problem" comes up that will be the beginning of the end for Eon. And if that happens, no one will ever know for certain if it was just a standard failed campaign, or if that was the plan all along (in other words, a scam).

Looking at the big picture, something about this campaign is just very "off".

Re: Eon Scooter

Posted: Jul 15 2017 1:47am
by Ianhill
Any news guys do they have to mine the ore for the frame it's taking heck of a long time to produce a small product Elon musk has turned the model 3 round in a quicker time.

Re: Eon Scooter

Posted: Aug 15 2017 5:10pm
by Johnny B
Well, it's been a while and the news is not good. Comments on their Facebook Group page, and IndieGoGo have turned quite negative, and there is always the discussion board on that is calling it a scam.

Personally, I have tried to get a refund and been rejected. Ironically I have been promised a partial refund by Eon over ordering errors with the 10" upgrade, but that was over 60 days ago and still nothing. I have been blocked from commenting on the IGG page as well. I have been polite, but I am sure I have said things they don't like. Like this.

So spreading the word here that Eon has not been a good company to deal with. I would not back the scooter today if I knew now what I didn't know then. Realistically no pictures or videos since the beginning of the campaign, just some questionable and odd ones, and some basic design drawings. They are way, way behind if they are making a scooter at all. If they gave refunds they would not be subject to the criticism they have generated.

I do hope they can build a great scooter because it is starting to look like that may be the only way to get value returned for me and others. For a lot of people's sake, I really hope they prove me a fool for doubting them.

Re: Eon Scooter

Posted: Mar 15 2018 7:32pm
by maxwelledison
It's March. 2018, just to be clear. And Eon still hasn't delivered squat.

I still stand by my comment from nine months ago. Eon appears to be stalling for some reason. My best guess is that the Eon campaign is not financially viable, and they know it isn't viable. I wouldn't expect them to ever admit it, though.

This is the same company that has provided four previous production dates that they knew were completely bogus. The same company that claimed to have a non-existent patent. The same company that trolls its own campaign comment page and Facebook page with phony, made-up backers. The same company that invented employees who don't exist. The same company that has promised numerous videos that never got made. The same company that used a classic "bait and switch" tactic to separate backers from their money. The same company where the founder (Dave Greenberg) deletes any comments that highlight his frequent dishonesty. The same company that always refuses to provide any proof it has done what it claims to have done.

It's theoretically possible Eon just got in over its head. This is the fate of far too many crowdfunding projects that attempt to design and manufacture something more complicated than a pencil. Once they get into it, they quickly realize there are 101 additional things they need to do that never occurred to them. Since these founders often have little to no significant business experience, at some point they realize they won't be able to pull if off and the campaign fails.

In Eon's case however, I also wouldn't dismiss outright fraud. As noted above, Eon's founder David Greenberg has engaged in a repeated and willful pattern of sketchy behavior that is far, far beyond anything that any reasonable person would find acceptable. And not surprisingly, Indiegogo and Eon's marketing agency (Agency 2.0) have been complicit every step of the way. The common denominator between those two corporate cesspools? They each benefit from whatever money Greenberg can scam out of his victims.

Eon now "estimates" they will manufacture in April and deliver before summer. Do I believe that? Not even for a second. With Eon's track record, why would I??? The only reason some backers believe it is because they want to believe it. And because a fair number of them are idiots who aren't capable of anything resembling critical thought.

But as I started off saying, Eon is stalling. Remember, Eon claims they've been working on this scooter for four years. Problem is, nothing about their supposed scooter is so unprecedented that it would take four years to develop. It's not as if they're using any new technology or something like that. Nah, if they haven't made the thing yet, it's because they aren't planning to. Greenberg has simply "forgotten" to mention that to backers. Those backers will figure it out some day. And when they do they'll be very late to the party.

Re: Eon Scooter

Posted: Mar 17 2018 3:28am
by Johnny B
It is clear Eon is not truthful or transparent, for whatever reason. Looking for accountability, hoping for professionalism, pretty much disappointed. I am involved with manufacturing science and technology for a global company, and I know the way Eon acts is not how professional companies operate, there is no argument. In the legitimate world you must show verifiable results or it didn't happen. Backers have no tangible evidence or facts verified through a third party. All we have is what we are being told. The phone in anyone's pocket could provide solid picture/video evidence in under an hour if it exists.

Re: Eon Scooter

Posted: May 21 2018 2:01pm
by maxwelledison
Just another Eon update here, to note that there’s no update. Here’s the TL:DR version:

1. At this point there is still no scooter.
2. There is still no evidence Eon has any intention of mass producing a scooter.
3. Dave Greenberg has gone into hiding on Facebook. It appears he has abandoned Indiegogo.
4. Amazingly, there still appear to be backers who haven’t figured out they’re very obviously being conned. Wishful thinking on their part? Denial? Embarrassment? Who knows what they’re thinking. Or even IF they’re thinking.

Eon appears to have abandoned Indiegogo; a very strange thing to do if they were really planning on delivering any scooters. And that’s just it. David Greenberg isn’t planning on delivering anything. His sole refuge is now the Eon Facebook Backer’s group, where he continues to whisper sweet nothings into the ears of a largely gullible and naïve audience. He will continue to do that for as long as he can, mostly to avoid pesky refund requests. It’s always a promise of “we’re almost there” but without evidence supporting any notion of mass production. You’d think participants of that FB group might catch on and wise up, but again those backers have proven to be mostly immune to any semblance of commonsense. And when they do occasionally speak up with entirely reasonable questions they are quickly banished. To carry out his scam to completion David Greenberg depends on people “staying stupid”, so there’s no room for anyone who might dare suggest that the things Greenberg is saying, don’t add up.

I hope U.S. backers have enough sense (although I doubt it) to contact their State Attorney General’s Office with a complaint against Eon and Dave Greenberg. Unless those backers are willing to hire a lawyer themselves, the AG in their respective states probably represents their best chance of ever seeing their money again. Another thing backers could do is start contacting media outlets. Many different media outlets are always looking for consumer interests stories, and there’s a doozy of a story here. But here too this would require that backers first realize they’ve been scammed, and then be willing to actually do something about it. I’m not very confident that most backers will be willing to lift a finger to get their money back. I’d bet Greenberg is making that same prediction. He’s likely counting on it, in fact.

Oh, another funny thing here: In my last post above I mentioned that Eon is “The same company that trolls its own campaign comment page and Facebook page with phony, made-up backers.” Sure enough, just last week David Greenberg was again caught red-handed inventing a fake backer to shill for him on Facebook. Another backer had astutely noticed that this new & fake “backer” (named “Annabelle Hays”) had just created “her” FB account and was suspiciously trolling other users and shilling for Eon right out of the gate. Come to find out this new “backer” got approved to join the FB group by…herself. That is to say this new “backer” had Admin credentials for the group; something that only the group owner (Greenberg) possesses. Whoops! When it was pointed out that “Annabelle Hays” and “Dave Greenberg” were the same person, Greenberg quickly kicked out the backer who made the discovery. Literally within minutes. Do things get any more shady than that??? This Greenberg clown is literally engaging in fraud to conceal his fraud! LOL!!! This is not going to end well for him.

Re: Eon Scooter

Posted: Aug 16 2018 3:40am
by Bob_Bixen
The Indeigogo terms and conditions state that if you have a problem with a project then they will give you the projects owners contact details so you can take up your issue directly with them. My idea was to go to small claims court.

Indeigogo kept ignoring me so I told then what a bunch of arseholes they were for not following their own T&Cs and would make sure I told anyone that would listen what an untrustworthy company they are. So just thought I'd pitch in as I'm pissed I just threw a lot of money down the drain in a scheme that Indeigogo seem complicit in by carrying on selling perks even though it was clear there was something wrong.

If you are bored and have time on your hands please feel free to let people know what a bunch of charlatans Indeigogo are when something goes wrong with one of their projects.

I wonder if small claims against them would work? It would certainly piss them off and waste their time like this project has wasted mine.

Re: Eon Scooter

Posted: Aug 18 2018 3:52pm
by PolarBearBob
What a same, I liked the design of this E-Scooter, retractable seat and very collapsible.I can't believe that Greenberg dreamed this design up himself. Hopefully whoever dreamed up the design will sell the design to a real company. A little FYI, Greenberg is a trust fund baby of his attorney father Charles who works for the Rothschilds Family Biz. I'm sure Lil' Dave dreamed this scheme up during a haze of California Bong Smoke while listening to his father espousing the stupidity of people.

PBB :?

Re: Eon Scooter

Posted: Oct 22 2018 5:51pm
by maxwelledison
Hi Bob,

Yeah, Indiegogo is pretty much worthless. I lost track of how many of their own T&C's they don't take too seriously. Or follow at all. It's one of the things that makes IGG a scammers paradise.

Another thing that makes them a scammer's paradise is their refusal to provide real contact details for someone they know is a scammer. Yes, IGG knows damn well David Greenberg is a scammer. That's precisely why they shut down the Eon campaign. Eventually. After IGG actively promoted the scam to other IGG users. But one has to wonder why IGG is so reluctant to provide contact details. Surely they must have such details, too. I mean, they paid Greenberg more than $1.4M. I would think they might require something more than a contact email address to pay out that kind of cash. So, why is IGG so interested in protecting Greenberg??? It really does make you wonder.

If you live in California you absolutely should file a small claims lawsuit! Greenberg almost certainly wouldn't show up to court, so you'd likely get a default judgment anyway. And if you're really lucky he will show up, and you can then review with the judge all the numerous lies Greenberg told to distance you from your money. You might be able to get treble (triple) damages if the judge believes that Greenberg acted in especially bad faith. Which he totally has. Do it!

Re: Eon Scooter

Posted: Oct 22 2018 6:35pm
by maxwelledison
Good points, PolarBearBob.

Funny thing is, Charles A. Greenberg, of Lafayette, California, might even be in on the Eon scam. After all, the original Eon corporate paperwork listed Charles A. Greenberg as the CEO of this fraudulent enterprise. Since the guy is an attorney, you'd think he might know better than to take legal ownership of his son's blatant fraud like this. Unless - again - he's part of the fraud himself, that is. Regardless, his name is on that paperwork so he is legally responsible for the acts and omissions of Eon Scooter LLC / Eoninnovations LLC.

This will be especially important when it comes time to recover the money David Greenberg has stolen and most likely squandered. Often with crowdfunding fraud like this, there's nothing to recover because the money has already been spent or hidden. With this case however, backers are very lucky that David Greenberg was kind enough to ensure his own father would also be legally responsible for payment of damages in the event of a lawsuit.

When all is said and done, that may be the only reason backers can give thanks to David Greenberg.

(I imagine Agency 2.0 would be named in that lawsuit as well. After all, they continued shilling for Eon even (i) after they were made aware that the entire thing was fraudulent; and (ii) after it was bloody obvious to any reasonable person that - with Agency 2.0's invaluable assistance - fraud was actively occurring.)

Re: Eon Scooter

Posted: Nov 08 2018 5:58pm
by Concept
Just found this thread as I was looking for an active, open discussion on this topic. I am a backer from Australia hoping for some positive action against the company/s involved. It has been obvious for quite a while now that this campaign has been going nowhere and delays and excuses have been the only thing produced by Eon.

I am not sure what I can do from my position in Australia but would be more than happy to provide information and join the list of disgruntled backers who want their money back. This has also ruined crowd funded projects for me as this will be the first and last I ever invest in.

Not sure where to from here...

Re: Eon Scooter

Posted: Nov 09 2018 12:07pm
by Johnny B
I can't get the partial refund for extra upgrades removed and promised May 2017. They won't answer my emails, and I certainly can't call them. I live out of state or I would take them to small claims court. I do not expect them to act differently in the future.