Knee Scooter looking for motor/esc recommendations

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Knee Scooter looking for motor/esc recommendations

Postby s10mods » Wed Feb 22, 2017 12:20 pm

Hello all, this is my first post here, I have surfed this site a few times in the past when I put my first Ebike together with parts I bought from luna cycle. I like to tinker and know my way around electronics and fabrication. on to my project, I have an old knee scooter from when I broke my ankle and would like to convert it to electric. I would like it to share the battery off my E-bike since batteries are costly. the battery on my bike is a 52v 13.5ah. what I am looking for is what should I run for a motor/ESC? I was looking at the cyclone mid drive cycle motor from luna cycle just because I don't know where else to purchase motors/ESC's that are quality. the other reason I was looking at this route is because the motor is already planetary gear reduced and will reduce fabrication needs, but I really doubt that i need the 3000watts that this thing puts out. This thing doesnt need to be a speed daemon, just something to put around the shop or elsewhere when my ebike is not in use.

Below is a video of someone who did what I am looking to do on almost the exact same scooter I have
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Re: Knee Scooter looking for motor/esc recommendations

Postby Ianhill » Wed Feb 22, 2017 1:06 pm

Never heard of a knee scooter done a quick Google and wow nice looking bit of mobility aid, With the power level you are thinking of I would suggest using some brushless hover board wheels you can pick 5hem up in pairs for very little money on ebay, they are very light and would suit the frame perfect on the rear, the two together will run no more than 1000w under heavy load so it would suit the battery you have too.
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