Help building e-longboard/single drive

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Help building e-longboard/single drive

Post by macelodeon » Feb 23, 2017 4:25 pm

HI, I'm going to be honest, looking back at my older posts, ugh cringe... so I will be trying of add a lot more detail in this here post :)
So to start off (from my last two posts) I did not get the battery, and I did not buy a kit, in fact I Wasn't even really into skateboarding very much when I posted those last two forums. Now I have been long boarding for over a year, and cant wait to start boarding again (after the snow fully goes away). and I actually have a project coming up where we will be required to build something, and I Was wanting to do a electric long board. and after I did some research I came up with a google spreadsheet with all of the parts, prices, and links to them. I just need to make sure if I missed anything (besides deck, wheels, etc.) and if I need to get any additional wiring or connectors. IF anybody wants to spend the time to find/make a diagram for a electric long board, that would help a ton! Also, I have almost no electrical knowledge, so what would a voltage checker do exactly, would it tell me (if translated) what speed i'm going, or what my battery is at (if converted) and If so how would I make it display my preferred units (km/h / 100%). One thing that I really wanted on this board, was a easy way to charge, instead of going into the board and charging the Lipos that way, I just wanted to get a charging port, how would I do that? Once again thank you for spending your time to help me :)

*edit* due to some more research I change my ESC to this one -> ... board-esc/ do not know if itll make a difference at all, but here we go :)

Spreadsheet: ... sp=sharing

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Re: Help building e-longboard/single drive

Post by dannydoyle2 » Mar 01, 2017 6:34 am

here's my take on it:

- motor okay
although personally I'd go with an outrunner and a motor mount. cost will probably be similar, but if something breaks you can exchange it quicker, you have more power on hand and you can customize gearing. being able to tweak torque and top speed depending on what you feel like doing is quite nice imo. drawback
- battery okay
- speed controller great choice
- remote: ditch the enertion remote. overpriced and enertion sucks (personal opinion as an ex-customer).
if you wanna get a cheap remote that is the same you'd get from torqueboards, go for this one:
it's even the newer version with better throttle and and a different antenna for better range.
- charger is fine
- charger bank is fine
- charger splitter is fine (or skip it and just charge them separately
- motor extensions are fine

looks alright. make sure you get all the necessary connectors and stuff. maybe loop key for on/off. but other than that, you should be fine.

tl;dr: think about your motor choice (not that there's anything wrong with it!) and definitely reconsider buying that overpriced remote controller from enertion.

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Re: Help building e-longboard/single drive

Post by Ecyclist » Mar 02, 2017 6:17 pm

If you decide to go with an outrunner check 6374 by Alien Power System. ... 0kv-3200w/
They also specialize in longboard stuff.

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