Mixing LIPO and 18650 6S

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Mixing LIPO and 18650 6S


Hey guys,

long time lurker first time poster. I just finished my first "budget" eboard build using 3 X 6S L-ION Packs. Pretty happy with performance and everything just want to go further per charge. So I was thinking about grabbing maybe 4 x 3S 5000mah LIPO packs (got room for them)

Now in theory I can't really see an issue with just wiring 2 x 3S lipos in series >6S and paralleling them with the lion packs or should I be isolating either side so when I run out on the lion flick then over to the lipos and vice versa . Has anybody done this ?

I'll post some pics and stuff later on at home cost me just under 350 aud using an 6374 sk3 192 kv and esc with arduino control

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Re: Mixing LIPO and 18650 6S

Post by flat tire » Apr 26 2017 6:46pm

Whatever configuration you go with, a high discharge lipo should be an improvement even at the same voltage as the voltage sag is really low. Just make sure it's 25C or more. By the way, you can get 6S lipo packs and cheap balance chargers for them.

It is necessary to balance charge lipo and you can really screw up the packs if you let the voltage get too high or low. You don't want to go below 3.6 resting voltage in practice for any cell or the life span can be reduced. This means the board's stock cutoff won't apply to liop and will need to be modified or you will need to pay attention yourself.

I no longer recommend voltage alarms because they're really shitty quality and totally inconsistent. Just inspect your cells on a balance charger frequently and you'll have a good idea of their health.
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Re: Mixing LIPO and 18650 6S

Post by ElectricGod » May 07 2017 7:29pm

Look at my scooter thread in my signature. I've been using LIPO and LION together for a good long while. I use BMS's on all my battery packs. Any LION BMS will work on LIPO. I use a separate BMS on my LIPO packs and LION packs, but I use both battery types at the same time. Totally go for it! The only implication is the fact that LION charges to 4.1 volts rather than 4.2 volts. This tiny difference won't hurt the LIPO packs. You just charge to the LION max voltage.

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Re: Mixing LIPO and 18650 6S

Post by Maxid » May 23 2017 7:42am

ElectricGod wrote:The only implication is the fact that LION charges to 4.1 volts rather than 4.2 volts.
That is wrong - 18650 cells charge to the same 4.2V as Lipo puch packs.
The much more important difference is discharge voltage. Liion can be discharged to ~2.5V while Lipo should not be discharged below 3.2V.
As long as you keep the entire set between 4.2 and 3.2V you should be fine though.

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