First E-Board Build - confirm partslist

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First E-Board Build - confirm partslist

Post by brok249 » Jun 24, 2017 4:40 pm

Hello! First post here on endless-sphere but I've been lurking on esk8 and reddit for a while now. I've decided to go ahead and build my first electric longboard, but just want to confirm that everything I'm ordering is compatible and advised by the community. So without further ado,

Longboard: Moose Blank Deck w/ 180mm Paris Trucks and 90mm Bigfoot Flywheels

Motor Mount/Drive:
  • 236kv Turnigy SK3 5065 Motor
    Old 50mm welded mount from diyelectricskateboard
    40T 5mm pitch polycarb pulley on wheel
    15T 5mm pitch metal pulley on motor
    57T Neoprene belt with fiberglass cords
  • 3S2P Battery (Two 3S batteries in parallel for a theoretical 22.2V)
    FlySky GT2B Controller (will probably move this to a 3D-printed shell)
    IMAX B6 50W 5A Charger (I know this'll be slow-charging, but it's cheap and I don't have a huge budget)
I'm also ordering a voltage monitor to attach to the board and 10 each of XT60 Connectors and 4mm HXT Connectors.

The thing that worries me most about the whole project is the wiring together of everything and programming of the VESC, however, I am also worried about the charging situation. Ideally, I'd like a one-plug solution that charges both batteries. I have no idea how to wire such a solution, and would really welcome any help anyone could provide me.

I hope to update this thread as parts arrive and I begin building to help other novice builders, and really welcome to the community's feedback. Thank you in advance.

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