Help choosing my electronic (trampa e-mtb)

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Help choosing my electronic (trampa e-mtb)

Post by Whitehawk » Jul 11, 2017 7:54 am

Hi guys,

I'm going to build a trampa e-mountainboard 8inch wheels with Jens (e-toxx) direct drive transmission (1:5 reduction).
I will build the battery myself (probably 18650).

I would like at least 35 or 40km/h top speed (+22mph), and enough torque to play with the board.

If I take 6S trackstar 150A ESC, i will need ~200kv motors (most cheapest option), but maybe the top speed will be too low ..
ESC 4.12 seem's not appreciate by everyone, and VESC6 cost a lot $$$ ..

What do you think guys ? What is the best ESC/VESC for you with a reasonable price ? :roll:

Thanks a lot !!
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Re: Help choosing my electronic (trampa e-mtb)

Post by EDroid » Jul 16, 2017 3:20 am

Hi !

I'm using 2x 6S trackstar 150A ESC with sensored alien 5065, for parks and streets it has enough torque and reaches speed of 35-40km/h, even for off-road use it works fine, but when i drive in the forest and if there is brances and another obstacles on the road, i feel torque is lacking, so for forest you might want more powerful setup.

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