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Meepo Board

Posted: Aug 30 2017 9:09pm
by BShady
Hello friends.

I haven't been here in a long while. I have build 2 electric boards when buying a premade one costed way to much and weren't half as good! All thanks to this community for all the help I got.

What has brought me back is I started to inspire younger kids to start to build their own boards. (you guys should start to see more new members asking a lot of questions!) However one kid pointed out to me a new baord that supposedly is really high quality and is at a steal of a price!! The first place I went to check to see if it's any good was endless-sphere; if its not talked about here it ain't any good!

Check it out the meepo baord! ... 1RhAxmXeaA

I feel like it is way too good to be true! Specs are good and the guy looks legit.

Did anybody ever try this out?

Re: Meepo Board

Posted: Aug 30 2017 9:27pm
by BShady
The kid just sent me this link. Some guy reviews boards and made a blog on it. ... the-story/

He said one thing that pissed me off! Check the ESC section of his review and tell me if you catch his mistake as well! Hint he compares it to the VESC.

Re: Meepo Board

Posted: Sep 09 2017 4:23pm
by Vanarian

I'm not sure due to picture resolution but it looks like it is based on VESC with hardware mods (stm34 chip?) . It is possible that he's running a custom VESC firmware too. Would explain why he told this?

Re: Meepo Board

Posted: Sep 10 2017 1:43pm
by tung256
after nobody is willing to help with my Yuneec ego, i bought a Meepo too.
the thing is ridiculously cheap and has rave reviews. for the price, i would gladly pay for a new one every year. nobody cares about durability anymore, it seems.

Re: Meepo Board

Posted: Sep 10 2017 10:50pm
by chuttney1
It's off topic commentary I am going to type out. After site was made, all the "big players" in the custom board went from this forum to there. I stop by this forum because it has some good ideas.

If anything we all advocate for the use of a VESC speed controller except the ones produced by Maytech due to faulty FOC function. The Meepo controller is different but it is a generic controller. Check Reddit for reviews.