Push assist is a new mode aka "endless" by Mellow DIY kits

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Push assist is a new mode aka "endless" by Mellow DIY kits

Post by melodious » Sep 16 2017 10:46am

Mellow makes almost any skateboard electric - The Verge

Umm, that above link was copy pasted from my Apple news feed so I'm not sure folks using a PC or android can access it so...

The FAQ doesn't really go into detail about the mode. But if your already experienced with Ebikes and pedal assist, it should be pretty intuitive as how it could work. Needless to say, I like this endless mode as I do enjoy the act of physically pushing but I know first hand from a year of long boarding as primary travel one leg gets physically bigger than the other :lol: . More important, there's a great amount of stress on repeated motions of pushing & supporting the body's weight on a single knee (drop boards weren't really a thing back in the day).

Quote taken from a Verge reporter/tester
The real kicker is that fourth riding mode: Endless mode. It’s like riding a pedal-assist electric bike, but on a skateboard. You hop on the board, give it a kick push, and the motor controller will find and match your speed. It then slowly ramps that speed down by 30 RPM per second, meaning you can meander down the road without pushing for at least another minute or two.

It’s a subtly smart feature, and it made for a really unique riding experience on both boards. I gave each one a few kicks, and that alone was enough to carry me around a corner, down a slope, and back up a small hill a few thousand feet away from where I started. Another kick or two and the board carried me even further. It felt like I was on my own normal skateboard, only enhanced, like I had a really strong wind at my back but without ever feeling unsettled. It’s as if a ghost is giving you a push, Angels in the Outfield but on pavement.

Endless mode, as the name implies, lets you get more mileage out of the battery than you would riding in the other modes. There’s also something about the mental state it puts you in. It’s a much more relaxed ride than the normal power modes, even if you still have to hang onto the controller to brake. As much as I love the superhuman feeling of screaming around a city on an electric skateboard, the idea of a kick assisted mode feels like the kind of novel addition I’d really get some use out of.
Hehe...so glad I don't have to copy the same thing over at ESk8 as they've probably been in the loop for awhile.

:idea: I think the next step is finding/making a board with drop features to minimize the repeated physical push motions & still allow the kit to fit without clearance issues. :wink:
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