Cheap escooter wanted for wifes commute, any ideas?

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Cheap escooter wanted for wifes commute, any ideas?

Post by brumbrum » Oct 08 2017 3:06am

I need some help. My wife wants to be able to do a partial escooter commute to avoid city centre parking prices and congestion.
Are there any good cheap deals around from China or otherwise? We are in the U.K and only need enough power for 10-15mph and about 25minutes of battery capacity each day. The scooter will only be used twice a week for commuting.

I have spent thousands of hours and pounds over the last seven years building performance ebikes but know nothing about scooters and what would be a good bang for the buck deal.
Parameter are ... Low price, used in the rain, foldable nexk to pack in boot of car.
Any suggestions and help would be benefial in pointing me in the right direction.

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Re: Cheap escooter wanted for wifes commute, any ideas?

Post by wineboyrider » Oct 08 2017 7:28pm

My best luck with stand up scooters is buy one cheap on craigslist with a dead battery and upgrade the battery first and then the controller?

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Re: Cheap escooter wanted for wifes commute, any ideas?

Post by ElectricGod » Oct 28 2017 10:02pm

This is one of my kick scooters. ... 35&t=83830

It will do 24 miles on a charge and tops out at 43mph and accelerates like my Golf GTI. That's overkill for your wife, so just build yours less powerful. It weighs 70 pounds so that might be a bit heavy for her, but I was looking for good performance and you don't need what I have for your wife.

I think for everything I have $600 into it.'s a joke...don't take things so seriously folks!

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Re: Cheap escooter wanted for wifes commute, any ideas?

Post by tung256 » Nov 29 2017 10:30am

i bought an etwow scooter for wife 3 years ago for $900 from a dealer on this forum. 320 miles later, the battery no longer holds a charge.
it's a pretty good scooter and i would buy again directly from china for $600.
the scooter itself is relatively light around 20 pounds and top speed at 16mph. perfect for inner city commute. i actually use it more as it is much safer than an electric longboard. the wheels are bigger so it can easily go over cracks and potholes.

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