Maximum safe charging amps for Evolve Bamboo GT?

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Maximum safe charging amps for Evolve Bamboo GT?

Post by steamknotty » Nov 15 2017 2:45am

In short, I'm building a battery extender for Evolve boards. My circuitry (a buck converter) allows me to choose how many amps I can provide into the board.

Question: I'm wondering what's the max A's you can put in through the charging port. I know that the motors can provide up to 20A back into the battery when they're doing regenerative charging, so 20A in short bursts are safe.

For comparison, Evolve's fast charger provides 4As.

The battery in Evolve Bamboo GT is a 36 V / 6,5 Ah / 234 Wh / 10S battery made off of prismatic cells. I couldn't find any way to access the spec sheet for the cells, unfortunately.

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